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Car Chase

Soundly is a fully featured sound effects platform for Mac & PC, and includes thousands of royalty free sound effects, such as those found in the Car Chase Collection.

Get access to sounds from the Car Chase Collection and countless more:

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Grip your audience with the thrill of cars speeding in pursuit!

Exciting, fast paced and intense. Car chases are unpredictable and exhilarating. And you’re the editor, taking along your audience for the ride!

So what makes a classic car chase scene? Well, the chase itself is only one part of it!

Why is your character/are your characters being chased? What’s going through their head? Are they scared, excited, angry?

Or is your main character doing the chasing? How do they feel?

These are just a few questions that you will have to answer for your audience.

Answering those questions would be a lot easier if you had every sound effect you needed in one place.

One place where you could find the sound to match what’s going on on-screen. With all sorts of car sound effects at your disposal.

The sound of a sharp screeching skid when a criminal has just taken off in a car. He’s getting away from the police, whose screaming sirens let your audience know how close they are.

How close they are to finally putting an end to that criminal’s story.

Or the lion-like roar of the engine just seconds before the race of a lifetime is about to start!

We get what’s like to be obsessive about your craft. As editors ourselves, we’re never satisfied until we put every detail and effect in! So we’ve been at work creating this sound effects library to help you!

Because you’re a perfectionist who goes the extra mile to put in those necessary sound effects.

You’ll put in the gear shift that you can only hear for a second. But you know it just has to be there!

We’ve helped over (number) of editors bring their audience right into the action. With the Car Chase Sound Collection, your audience will have no choice but to be taken along for the ride.

And never have to spend hours trying to find the perfect sound effect download.

Because you have all the car sounds you need by your side. All in one little neat sound effects pack. A sound effects soundboard that saves you tons of time.

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